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Business Activities

Real Estate Investment Advisory Real Estate Investment Fund

GIA might launch real estate advisory and fund in a near future with our extended global experiences in the business. The proven track record, the IRR of 39%, was accomplished from 1999 to 2007. We intend to conduct advisory and fund business under the transparent operation, the management with governance and the control with compliance.

Our Proposals of Real Estate Advisory and Fund Business

    1.The Proposal of Old Karuizawa Real Estate Fund
  • Real Estate Fund limited only in Old Karuizawa District
  • Purchase the premium resort land at the bottom price and hold until the better time in economy
  • Divide into optimal size or develop a building and sell when the economy becomes better.
    2.The Proposal of Studio Type Condominium Fund
  • Purchase studio type condominiums in Tokyo at the bottom price
  • Establish leasing system for the condominiums
  • Set up an efficient management company to manage the condominiums
  • Sales and lease back with investors in 50 condominiums and continue the operation
  • Investors own condominiums and the operating company expands the subleasing operation into more than 10,000 condominiums.

Real Estate Development and Investment

GIA intends to conduct real estate development and investment by using our extended experiences of the areas when our financial condition becomes solid. We will see sales condominium, rental condominium, and rental office for the development.