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Real Estate Investment and Solution

It is real estate investment and solution business that we propose several solutions in real estate investment issues. GIA offers unique information as well as propose to realize value creation. We might set up some functions of third party team players from outside expertise. We maximize the value creation by respecting the teamwork and its communication in the case.

Examples of Actual Proposals for Solution

    1.In the case that the land owning company does not want to sell the land,
    @ but it wants to conduct only M&A.
  • GIA uses SPC to buy the company as M&A for an investor.
  • SPC sell the land to developer as an Exit.
    2.In the case that the land owning company hesitates to sell land to
    @ developers due to the highly contaminated land.
  • GIA arranges a construction company with land cleaning capacity to buy the land.
  • The construction company sells the land as an Exit after the cleaning completed.
    3.In the case that the land owning company can not sell the land due to its high book value.
  • GIA proposes data center development.
  • We create a project team including a data transmit company, a construction company and the land owning company.
  • The land owning company constructs and holds a data center building. The data transmit company contracts a long leasing agreement as a tenant.
  • The land owning company sells the building to an investment company or a real estate fund after completing the building and signing the lease agreement.
    4.In the case that a developer can not build an efficient building due to the size of
    @ the land while it is a highly value adding land in front of a station.
  • GIA proposes to set up a larger area including the land as a planed development area.
  • We propose to buy the land or exchange the land in equivalent value basis to the owner of the next land.
  • We propose to put a shop on the ground and condominiums or offices on the upper floors if there are shops in the original building. We can pay off the balance if any.
    5.In the case that the land owning company must sell the land with low book value.
  • GIA chooses the buyer as well as choose an asset the land owning company will buy for the asset sold. We propose to utilize a special treatment in tax to buy for the asset sold. The company can delay the payment of capital gain tax for the asset sold.